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ViaMedia Health Capital Advisor is the exclusive India Licence Holder for Prosight Partners

Prosight Partners is a globally diversified company headquartered out of Canada specialising in strategic investor search. The management team has more than 150 years combined experience as entrepreneurs, business heads and investment bankers.

Started in 1997, Prosight has investor sourcing capabilities from more than fifteen key international locations and a rapidly expanding market presence across the globe – with the aim of being present in more than 50 countries by 2022.

We are a globally diversified company with over 20 years of experience in strategic investor search. We help entrepreneurs to find strategic investors (or buyers in case of an exit) across global markets. We cater to entrepreneurs at all stages – a startup, an SME or a large business. The company is run by highly experienced team of entrepreneurs & professionals across the globe, with deep understanding of markets & industries. We work with a strong, streamlined processes drive investor search module. We have investor sourcing capabilities supported by local presence in 15 geographies globally, and expanding further. We are committed to helping entrepreneurs achieve their goals, and we stay with the entrepreneur till we achieve success. Together. This has resulted in a very high client satisfaction rate and a high degree of engagement with our investor network.

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Why Us ?

A flexible team structure of high quality analysts comprised of highly experienced entrepreneurs & professionals across the globe, with deep understanding of industries & markets. We provide additional Expertise of Healthcare Communication Leaders. With over 100+ years of combined team experience in the healthcare domain, we have insights, inroads and strong connects in the healthcare domain. We help identify, connect with, engage and manage KOLs relevant to you through traditional and innovative activation ideas giving your brand higher credibility. Our network of institutes and individuals from the healthcare domain is widespread and in-depth. Our vast well-spread network of KOLs, medical bodies, health writers and publications make us pioneers in health communication.